Go to the best and play with us 10 euro bonus ohne einzahlung casino 2021. A big bonus for everyone who came! Artists from Duke Ellington to Gunther Schuller have used elements from classical music to create new and exciting jazz sounds. Today, alto saxophonist Lou Caimano and pianist Eric Olsen are among the most innovative musical talents to fuse these two great art forms. On their newest CD, DYAD PLAYS JAZZ ARIAS, they transform well-known operatic arias into imaginative and unconventional jazz compositions. Caimano and Olsen are two superb musicians steeped in both the jazz and classical worlds. They’ve been performing under the name of Dyad for over 16 years. DYAD PLAYS JAZZ ARIAS is their third classical/jazz fusion recording together. They’re joined on this CD by jazz masters Randy Brecker on trumpet & flugelhorn and Ted Nash on tenor saxophone. DYAD PLAYS JAZZ ARIAS is a gorgeous, moving album that will appeal to both jazz and classical aficionados. It features brilliant performances with arrangements that pay homage to the originals, but allow the players full expression in the jazz idiom.